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dc.contributor.authorArenas-Prat, Joan
dc.identifier.citationTech Hand Up Extrem Surg. 2016 Jun 2. [Epub ahead of print]language
dc.description12 Month Embargo. Author(s) pre-print onlylanguage
dc.description.abstractDenervation is a well recognized procedure to treat degenerative or posttraumatic joint conditions, especially in cases where pain is a significant impediment to function even in the presence of stable and supple joint. However, this procedure currently is not as widely used for wrist surgeries as it merits. Denervation procedure obeys all-or-none phenomenon and we believe that even a few residual intact sensory fibers are able to transmit severe pain sensation and therefore every attempt should be made to target all the sensory supply to the wrist joint. In the present article a modified and radical technique using a single dorsal incision is proposed to address the hypothetical pitfalls of leaving undivided sensitive branches. Preliminary results of 21 cases operated on by this method are presented.language
dc.titleRadical Wrist Denervation and Preliminary Results.language

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