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    • Factors influencing fracture healing 

      Mirhadi, Sara; Karagkevrekis, Babis; Ashwood, Neil (2013-05)
      Fracture is one of the commonest bone problems occurring as a result of injury in normal bone or as a consequence of bone weakening. It leads to morbidity and mortality in the young and old in particular in relation to hip ...
    • The Long Term Outcome of MRSA Infection in Elective Orthopaedic Surgery a Longitudinal Population Study in a District Hospital 

      Athar, Sajjad; Galanopoulos, Ilias; Ashwood, Neil; Karagkevrekis, Babis (2015)
      Discussion References This study looked at long term morbidity and mortality prospectively following MRSA infection over an 18 year period in patients undergoing elective surgery in a 600 bedded district ...
    • Review of rollerblading injuries. 

      Mirhadi, Sara; Karagkevrekis, Babis; Ashwood, Neil (2015-01)
      Rollerblading is becoming more popular in the UK and this has led to an increase in injuries. Our aim is to review the characteristics of injuries caused by rollerblading, to compare them in children and adults, to identify ...
    • Review of snowboarding injuries 

      Mirhadi, Sara; Karagkevrekis, Babis; Ashwood, Neil (2014-09)
      Snowboarding is a popular sport and can lead not only to various injuries including wrist fracture, closed head injury and acromioclavicular injuries but also to others such as scaphoid fracture or ulna collateral ligament ...
    • A review of tertiary survey and its impact 

      Mirhadi, Sara; Karagkevrekis, Babis; Ashwood, Neil (2014-04)
      Trauma is the cause of a large socio-economic burden. A trauma system approach to the care of trauma patients is required to reduce morbidity and mortality. As not all injuries are detected by primary and secondary surveys, ...
    • Single extremely large loose body in olecranon fossa in a young patient. 

      Ashwood, Neil; Karagkevrekis, Babis (2013-10)
    • Symptomatic Soft-Tissue Mass in the Intercondylar Notch: A Case Report 

      Athar, Sajjad; Ashwood, Neil; Karagkevrekis, Babis; Hayward, Keith (2018-02)
      Intra-articular soft tissue masses in the knee joint are quite rare and mostly incidental findings on magnetic resonance imaging and/or arthroscopy. However, when they become enlarged, they can cause mechanical ...
    • Trevor's Disease: A Literature Review regarding Classification, Treatment, and Prognosis apropos of a Case. 

      Arealis, Georgios; Lacon, Andrew; Ashwood, Neil; Hayward, Keith; Karagkevrekis, Babis (2014)
      BACKGROUND: Dysplasia epiphysealis hemimelica (DEH) is rare and its main characteristic is osteochondromas of the epiphysis of long bones. METHODS: We report a case of DEH of the ankle in an 8-year-old boy that was resected ...