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    • Carpal tunnel syndrome caused by a giant cell tumour of the flexor tendon sheath 

      Meek, Marcel; Zahid, Sheikh; Quinton, David (2014-02)
      A 76-year-old woman developed right carpal tunnel syndrome after being conservatively treated for tenosynovitis of the flexor tendons with associated mild carpal tunnel syndrome. A magnetic resonance imaging scan showed a ...
    • The use of the mini C-arm in the outpatient setting: evolving practice. 

      Swindells, Mark; O'Brien, C; Armstrong, D; Arundell, M; Quinton, David; Burke, Frank (2011-05)
      The mini C-arm image intensifier (mini C-arm) has now become an established diagnostic tool in the hand surgery outpatient department. This study reviews the use of the mini C-arm and formal radiographs (X-rays) in the ...